The Journey

She steps ahead into the chill of early morning and down the driveway

to the street, leaving tracks in the powder that fell during the night.


We turn east at the corner, squinting in the sun before

heading north on a shaded white sidewalk.


Three days ago she laid on her bed and watched as I packed the bag,

head between her paws, eyes at half-mast, tail still as steel.


In the days before departure, a separateness has entered my being,

infusing the excitement with a sense of wonder tinged with loneliness


for I go without her—without any of them —

unencumbered, anticipating presence in a new place.


If she objects to the journey, she says nothing.

Even rolling over and playing dead could not stop this train—


that’s how smart she is—

to know she cannot weaken the quiet strength

of a woman who has said yes to soul

and claimed her life.



A big-hearted thank-you to all who are supporting my second journey to Nepal, this time to work in the Mary Ward schools in Kathmandu and to discuss more water projects with IDE. I go in your honor, buoyed by your spirit and well wishes and the promise of adventure. Stories and photos to follow. Namaste.



4 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I sat and cried when I read the last stanza. May the Goddess bless your lyrical soul.

    Love you

  2. Thinking of you on the eve of your journey with love and admiration. Your joyful and loving presence will light up the faces of those beautiful Nepalese children. Namaste.

    xo Kath

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